GRAL released on Steam!

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GRAL released on Steam!

Post by admin » Wed Sep 26, 2018 11:31 pm


Hi Drivers! We are very happy to announce that GRAL is live now on STEAM!

The Closed Alpha is ended and we collect all your feedback and we release a big update.

At the time of Early Access GRAL can already count many of its features and game modes. It will already be possible to play in single player the Single Event Challenge, customize a League in the Championship Challenge and the Time Attack Challenge.
You can also select Combat, No Violence and KnockOut mode for each race track.
You can play Single Event and the Championship in co-op with AI or in co-op in split-screen mode for up to 4 players in games with up to 16 cars (12 controlled by AI).
In Team Mode you can share power-ups with teammates to help each others.
In the Time Attack you can challenge yourself or your friends by challenging their ghosts. If you want, your ghost can be saved in your steam workshop section and can be downloaded from your friends to start a challenge.
Currently we have implemented 3 planets, 8 tracks (includes reverse variations), 3 team, 3 tiers, 8 power-ups and 4 combinable power-ups.
Some language translation may not be accurate or complete.

As always, feel free to drop some feedback in the discussions.


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